Corporate & Commercial Banking

We act on the principle of mutual gain to support your company's sustainable growth at home or abroad. To this end, we offer a wide range of products and provide you with operational efficiency.

We provide sustainable, long-term financing to our export-oriented customers in the private sector under competitive market conditions. We offer sector expertise, project evaluation and value-added services for your projecst. Our loan products include corporate loans and project finance loans. We offer short, medium and long-term financing structures to meet your company's cash and non-cash needs with competitive interest rates tailored to your needs.

Cash Loans

  • Revolving Loans : Loans that are freely utilized within a specified maturity and limit, and whose interest rate changes according to the developments in money markets.
  • Spot Loans : These are loans extended to meet short and medium term financing needs by taking into account the developments in market conditions.
  • Foreign Currency Loans : Loans in foreign currency
  • Installment Loans: You can benefit from our periodic installment loan advantages for your company's cash needs
  • Project Loans : These loans are provided to meet the investment, working capital, etc. needs of companies and to support the projects they intend to develop in this context.
  • Discount Loans : It is a type of credit that enables commercial bills arising from commercial transactions and not yet due to be converted into cash. If the place of payment of the commercial bill is within the municipal boundaries, it is extended as "Discount Loan"; if the place of payment of the commercial bill is outside the municipal boundaries, it is extended as "Disbursement Loan"

Guarantees and Letters of Guarantee

Domestic and international trade presents many challenges and we are pleased to help you overcome them. Türkiye's important geographical location facilitates access to strategically important areas and natural resources. Throughout history, it has served as both a barrier and a bridge between two continents. Therefore, import and export activities have traditionally played an important role in the Turkish economy and in this environment, Hedef Investment Bank has taken on the role of providing trade finance solutions to its clients. Our responsibility and high level of expertise in guarantees and letters of guarantee ensures that all your transactions are handled in a professional manner.

Foreign Trade Financing

Within the scope of our foreign trade financing products, we can offer customized export-oriented financing according to your needs:

  • Pre-Export Financing
  • Post Export Financing
  • Import Financing 
  • Refinancing of Letters of Credit


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