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Join Our Team

As Human Resources of Hedef Investment Bank, our mission and motivation is to continue to grow with the awareness that human resources are the most valuable resource and with a team of people with different visions, skills and technical qualifications who discover innovations in the sector, have high energy, have the potential to develop themselves and their business, and who can combine their personal goals with organizational goals and carry them to the highest points.

Our Human Resources Practice

The Bank acts to develop approaches that strengthen the motivation and loyalty of its employees. In human resources practices, efforts are made to create and disseminate a common-sense culture where ethical values are observed, team spirit is prioritized, sharing, participation and creativity are valued. Care is taken to provide a work environment where ethical values and general rules of conduct are applied and the balance between work and private life is observed.

Hedef Investment Bank's Human Resources Policy is based on equal opportunity and takes into account the competencies of our employees in performance, career management, remuneration and promotion stages. The promotion and remuneration system is based on a performance-oriented approach and equal opportunity and personal development are considered.

Recruitment and Career Management


Our Bank's first and fundamental approach is to enable employees equipped with up-to-date modern knowledge to shape their future according to their expectations, taking into account their dynamic and creative characteristics, and to create training opportunities to increase their success and efficiency in the tasks they carry out.

Career Management

In line with its people-oriented management approach, the Bank provides training to its employees and guides their career plans by taking into account their technical competencies, personality traits, self-development levels, and their desire to advance in their jobs and reach higher levels.


Our Bank designs its training plan in accordance with its targets, taking into account the qualifications, professional knowledge and skills of each employee.

In the training planning designed with the awareness that each of our employees is a talent open to development, the motivation of our Bank's human resources training and career management is to support them in adding value to their careers and to ensure that they achieve successful results in their business results and personal development.

Remuneration and Benefits

Our Bank's Remuneration Policy, which is based on sectoral research and in line with economic conditions, is implemented by taking into account internal fairness.

Side Benefits;

  • Group Private Health Insurance (Dependent spouse and children are also covered by group private health insurance)
  • Meal Card
  • Road Fee
  • Mobile Phone, Mobile Phone Line and Vehicle by Position

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